Android App

We are experienced in building native apps for all Android devices. To keep our work in best quality, we choose Kotlin and Java.

Using latest technology and industry experience, our full-stack Android developers develop successful Android apps that get funded and covered by Techcrunch, BBC News, and New YorkTimes.

The Best Android Applications Developed By Us

CCS Technical Drawings

The CCS App allows you to search by model number and browse by manufacturer to get the spares diagram you need quickly.

Once you’ve found your spares diagram you can view it directly on your device or download it for offline viewing. You can even save your favourite spares diagram, so they’re just a tap away on site.

Having trouble identifying a part? Then grab our app! Directly inside our app, you are able to take up-to 3 pictures of the part you need and send this directly to our technical team for fast and accurate part identification.

Can’t find the spares diagram you need? Our App remembers what you’ve looked for and sends it to us, so we can source your manual and get it over to you

  • Browse my manufacturer
  • Search by model number
  • Snap pictures of required parts
  • Manual Sourcing

Z-App (Rife App)

Z-App is a frequency generator app, built on the technology of Royal Raymond Rife.

The common devices are better known as Rife Frequency Generators.

These generators use frequencies to break down the protective walls of pathogens, much like a high music note breaks a crystal glass.

This app includes more than 1300 sequences and 1400 frequencies.

This app along with a device we designed and manufacture called Z-Amplifier (for more information visit make a complete frequency machine.

The Z-App generates and plays the sequences and frequencies and the Z-Amplifier connects to your phone or tablet and converts the audio frequencies to electrical frequencies that can be applied using electrode patches, metal cylinders, foot patches or crystal cylinders.

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