QA Services

QA Services by worldwidewebsolution provides software and hardware project support that acts an extension of your internal team. Our qualified and knowledgeable engineers work within your established processes and teams to help you meet project demands.

We tested many of Web & Mobile Apps, API Services, Software, Bespoke, E-commerce, HealthCare, Banking, Travel, CRM, ERP, CMS Websites and SAAS based applications related projects.

Below are our testing processes, which we are following for projects:

1) Understand the project requirements

2) Create test plan

3) Create test cases as user point of view

4) Start the testing of project

5) Use Jira, Mantis, Asana & Trello to report a bug

6) Take follow up for all reported bugs

7) In last, we do regression testing before release and give permission to upload on live

Types of Testing:

Functionality Testing: We verify whether your product meets the intended specification and functional requirements laid out in your development documentation. Our functionality testing will help your company provide products with a minimum amount of issues and ensure your product functions as intended.

Usability Testing: We test the usability of all software, applications, and websites. We determine how easy it is to use your product and measure what kind of user experience your customers will have. The purpose of usability testing is to find usability problems and improve user satisfaction with your software.

Web Testing: Web testing is a software testing practice to test the websites or web applications for potential bugs. It’s a complete testing of web-based applications before making live.

Mobile Application Testing: We test native apps, mobile web apps, and hybrid apps for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Our mobile application testing uses different versions of the operating system, across all the popular device platforms. This enables us to assess the functionality, compatibility, usability, performance, and accessibility of any mobile application, ensuring a positive user experience for all your customers.

Compatibility Testing: We test hardware and software for compatibility across all major devices, operating systems, and web browsers. Our lab features the latest equipment and computers, as well as clones installed with the most popular add-on cards. We rigorously test your software, application, or website to ensure compatibility with all OS, software applications, and hardware you support.

Accessibility Testing: We provide accessibility testing to measure your product’s ability to be easily customized or modified for users with disabilities. We test to ensure users can change input and output features, keyboard features, screen colors, sounds, zoom in on text and images, and more.

Accessibility Testing can help you determine the following:

Compliance – How your product complies with legal requirements regarding accessibility

Effectiveness – How fast users with disabilities can use your product to accomplish basic and complex tasks

Usefulness – The likelihood that users with disabilities will want to use your product again because it meets their needs and expectations

Satisfaction – How appealing your product is to users with disabilities.

Regression Testing: Regression testing is a type of testing that is done to verify that a code change in the software does not impact the existing functionality of the product. This is to make sure the product works fine with new functionality, bug fixes or any change in the existing feature. Previously executed test cases are re-executed in order to verify the impact of change.

Test Automation: We provide test automation services for software, mobile applications, and websites. Our automation process helps reduce test time and enhances the quality of testing through an affordable means. We leverage a variety of tools and technologies that allow us to develop effective solutions tailored to your product’s needs.

Performance Testing: We provide load, stress, and performance testing for software, applications, and websites. We can help you understand everything from average page response time to maximum user loads to potential bottle necks in your systems architecture. Our cloud-based solutions provide a cost-effective and efficient way to handle modern load, performance, and stress tests.

Localization Testing: We verify your products for international use through localization testing. Products that are localized to international markets often face domestic competition, which makes it critical for the localized product to blend seamlessly into the native language and cultural landscape. In addition to verifying successful translation, basic functional testing should be performed because issues often arise as a result of localizing software.

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