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Codeigniter is a widely used PHP-framework trusted for creating innovative and creative websites, web applications, and e-commerce stores. The versatility of this platform makes it a popular choice with the developer community. It is lightweight at the core yet enhanced with a powerful set of libraries that make it ideal for comprehensive Web Development. People starting with their business websites can rely on Codeigniter web development and harness the best features of the platform for their enterprise. Here are some features that get CI full marks as a development platform:

MVC Architecture
The framework is structured on MVC or Model-View-Controller architecture. Here, the data structure is represented by the model, the user-interface display is handled by the view and the entire requests are looked after by the controller. The MVC connects the front-end to the back-end yet keeps them separate. This makes the code easily readable and understandable, easing up the development process. Speed is another benefit attributed to the MVC architecture of the framework.

Security is an essential feature for any online business to run smoothly because it involves sharing of confidential details of a customer. Codeigniter, as a framework, has robust security features that can be used to develop a secure website. The cookie encryption and decryption feature enable the Codeigniter developer to enhance the protection of the website to a significant extent.

CI offers a simple solution for the complexities that are associated with developing multi-functional e-commerce websites. The developers are not confined by restrictive coding rules. Rather, they have the flexibility to use their own coding conventions to create sites that meet the business requirements.

CI excels as a framework because it has the benefit of simplicity. It is easy to understand and learn. Developers can easily gain proficiency at the new libraries as well as the way these can be integrated into the business website. There are plenty of help resources available in the form of reference documentation, tutorials, and how-to guides. The developer can easily modify the framework to suffice the client’s needs and create a website that matches the business’ requirement to perfection.

Easy Error Handling
Codeigniter simplifies the error handling task as it comes with numerous error handling techniques. Writing a one-line code is enough to get all the errors on screen. Since error detection is so simple, they can be resolved with great speed and accuracy.

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