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Connectors for Shopify Flow

Posted by:wwws onAugust 16, 2018

We’re proud to announce that Shopify Flow, an automation platform that offloads workflows in just a few clicks, can now harness the power of automation to bring together apps and technologies you use every day through connectors.

These connectors — powered by automation — link your business tools with each other, and Shopify. With Flow acting as the connective tissue between your external systems and storefront, you can automate many of the tasks you’ve currently been doing manually or patching together with custom code and third-party solutions.

Workflows can now start from an event in an app installed on your store, and end by taking action in another. Starting today, you can sign up for early access to connectors for Shopify Flow through our public beta. This is just the start for connectors – we’re teaming up with our partners to bring more connectors to Flow in the coming months.

Simplify Business Workflows

Connectors can build bridges between business tools that previously couldn’t easily be linked. Find new ways for your apps to work together, saving you time.

Focus on Growth

Create workflows that span across apps and services in minutes. Now you can experiment behind the scenes without spending time and money on third-party solutions or development resources.

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