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SEO Tips And Marketting Stretegies

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Are your business not growing very well and you finding the way of marketing online via SEO or different sources. This SEO techniques is indefinably helps to increase the traffic to your business website and your grow more and more.

#1- Title of Page or Post

Experts says, your title should be clear and short related topic, not to add long keywords. Mark the point while writing the title of your page or post it should be unique and include content related word.

#2- URL name matters

Analyze the URL of your website. Choose the URL name that don’t have unnecessary words, phrases, or numbers. Google considers hyphens to be word separators so Always use hyphens to separate words ‘-‘ . This helps to remember and share your work and also improves search engines readability of your website and fast crawling.

#3- Meta keywords

Meta keywords are no longer part of search engines algorithm, but it’s still important to add few keywords on your page to optimize your content. there are still few search engines available that are still using to index your website.

#4- Meta Description

A meta-description is the short information that you can show below the link of a search result. It gives intro of your page content to user. Length should be not more than 150-160 characters and must contain the keywords that used in the page’s title.

#5- Internal links

Add at least one internal links on the page that related to other pages. It creates more opportunity for you to stay the visitor to your site and increase the click.

#6- Images

All images that you are using on the page should have keywords including in the file name. Each word of your image name should be separated by hyphens. Also include text to ‘alt’ attribute this help to describe the image.

#7- Heading tags

Your page must have the H1/H2 tags that contain the keyword related to your content. The <h1> tag include a few <h2> heading tags in the content increase the readability of your content structure. Google Considers these heading tags as indicators of the page contents.

#8- Keywords

Analyze the keyword for your content that will make your content unique and increase search engine readability. Compositions are increasing day by day for finding proper unique keyword that increase your search result.

Make sure the Title Tag of your website contain keywords it is main SEO factors. So try to use a tagline, slogan, or key-phrase in your title tag line.

#9- Key Phrase

You can also put a key-phrase in the headline of each page and post. Put it in next to the front, and set limit not more than over 70 characters length. Try to optimize with only one key-phrase that you should focus on content. There are fixed places on every page or post you create that should be optimized with a keyword.

#10- Data Usage

Usage data of your website now crating effect on your SEO. If you site has a high bounce rate, or users doesn’t staying on your website more than a minute, then you are in trouble.

#11- Content

Our aim is to writing content for humans, not for search engines. It’s important to include keywords on your pages, The main part is your content if that is not knowledgeable all the things related to SEO is meaningless.

#12- Speed

This factor is also affect to your seo while search engine is crawling the data of your site.If your website having bulky data that loads slowly with number of photos then it crates performance issues.

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