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Web Development Tips To Enhance coding skills

Posted by:wwws onDecember 16, 2016

There’s no option for experience but there are shortcuts for it. This collection of web development coding tips comes straight changes in your performance. There are open source services that developers keep quiet about, mobile programming hacks and responsive development tips.

we take among the famous tips for you to enhance your web development skills that surely you admire it and follow.

#1- Firebug:

There is no web inspector that matches the power of FireFox developers and toolbars. In case your website faces some small CSS problems that occurred during web development, this toolbar works effectively in every other testing environment.

FireBug also allows you to add multi screen tabs to one browser tab. This is good news for developers as you no longer have to change the width of your site while you are testing it.

#2- GitLab:

Most web developers need to implement a robust version for every project they design. GitHub is a favourite with developers but it is more of a private tool.

If you are looking at a more enhanced version system, you should try GitLab. It is similar to GitHub, just that it is open source and can be made compatible with your own servers.

#3- Code Comment:

If you work in a team, you may need to realize that others may also go on to debug your codes. In such a case they need to understand your code and its structure.

The best way to develop a code as web developers is to ensure proper commenting at every step in your code. This is indeed good practice.

#4- Security Is Important:

It is important that you secure your site before you go live. You should run it through security checks ideally before you choose to make it live. The security concerns would be solved in the process.

#5- Float Lists cleared:

In most cases developers are stuck fixing the floated lists element. If you wish to clear the floated elements, you need to set the right height and gets in some complicated coding.

To prevent this from happening, you could possibly add just two CSS properties to any list container present within the floated list.

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